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• 11/27/2017

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• 3/30/2017

Elemental Reform - Part Who Knows anymore

Alright, let's keep this brief. We have thirty-four elements on Complipedia. Most of them, I'm fine with keeping, but I'd like to spark a little extra conversation before we get to completely adjusting the categories. I probably shoulda made this thread before the Complipedia Clean-Up one, but nonetheless. Not much progress has been made, and it's best we do it now than later. Not all of the changes discussed here will be made, heck, none of them might even, but basically I just want a little extra discussion before we all get to revamping everything.

Elements that may be scrapped
Food Element - Although food is a recurring theme in the Compliens universe, I'm not really sure if "Food" is something that warrants a full element of creature designs. Most of them could either fall into the Nature and Plain elements just as easily, and while I'm all for more food-based creatures, there are many times in which somewhat uninspired designs can be derived from this element. I'm pretty much fine either way, but it definitely seems like one of the most likely candidates for removal at this point.
Art Element - Falls into many of the same reasons as Food Element creatures. Basically "Art" is a little too specific a theme. I believe Art-themed creatures, however, could exist as a subset of a larger theme that might make a little more sense, which I will discuss below.
Insect Element - While the "powers" of an insect may make an Insect Element more distinct from something like a Bird Element or a Fish Element or a Reptile Element, I'm still not quite sure if it's enough to warrant its own full element. Maybe if we were to rename it it would work a little better, but maybe it could be merged into Leech Element or something. But at the same time...
Leech Element - "Creatures that drain the energy of others" seems just like a tad too specific a theme to build new designs around. With most elements, there are multiple ideas that can arise from them. For something like Water you can have creatures that control water, or move through water, or have liquid forms. Even more specific ones like Dream, can represent stuff like sleep, the night, alongside human imagination and psyche. Leech does fill sort of a specific niche, I will admit, that I'm not sure any other element could cover, but it doesn't have very much room for expansion from what I can tell. All Leech Element creatures ultimately end up falling into the same prospects.
Crystal Element - I guess I also gotta list elements I'd rather keep, but could be removed. In the case of Crystal, it could easily be merged with Earth. However, ultimately, this means creatures based on glass would also end up incorporated into the Earth Element. I get glass is technically super-heated sand, but it still feels like a bit of a stretch. However, I do understand a large point of Crystal Element creatures take inspiration from jewelry, which is technically just a different type of rock, so I can understand the justification for its removal.
Cyber Element - Another one I don't want removed, but can understand why. Ultimately, technology-based creatures could fall within the Volt, Metal, or Energy Elements, which could allow for an effective removal of Cyber Element creatures. However, I believe "technology and cyberspace" feels distinct enough to keep it around.
Dream Element - Another one I'd much rather keep, since it is a personal favorite of mind. I can understand potential themes it may have in common with Esper Element Compliens, however, so the removal of this one isn't baseless. Again, though, I feel that sleep, night, and imagination all make this distinct enough to give it its own theme.
Mystery Element - I'm pretty neutral on this one. In the case of something like Pawnoire and Ghachilon, it works pretty well, but there are dozens of creatures which seem to gain this element on pure account of "it acts mysterious" or "little is known about it" which doesn't feel like quite enough to justify a creature gaining this element. If we are to remove it, I suppose it can be merged into Dark.
Elements that may be added
I have two in mind right now, which I'm all up for discussing the addition of. However, if you can come up with more, then feel free to discuss.

Luck Element - One I've been considering for a couple days now, the Luck Element is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Luck Element creatures would have designs based on lucky or unlucky symbols, or may otherwise work in a way that has them rely on chance to be an effective battler. Compliens like the Clove line could be donated this Element, and I've come up with new designs based on gambling and whatnot. I can definitely see why others would not wish to add this in, since designs may be difficult to come up with, but I feel it could be an interesting addition.
Passion Element - For the "Art" section, this is mainly what I was talking about. Basically, the Passion Element would regard heart, emotion, and passion. Some Compliens like Marsymom could probably ditch that unnecessary Esper Element, which back in the day I pretty much tacked onto any pink Complien or designs I found "weird." I also believe that pairs like Dark/Passion, Toxic/Passion, and Horror/Passion could allow for some really interesting designs. I'm definitely in favor of this one.
Anyway, feel free to discuss and vote below. Personally, I myself...

The removal of Food and Art Elements, and the addition of Luck and Passion. Food easily blends into other Elements, and feels like too specific a theme, while the addition of Passion would likely remove a necessity for Art, and heck, even without Passion, Art could blend into dream. Luck and Passion I feel are interesting concepts which could open opportunity for new designs, and help with new themes of the series.

The removal of Insect, Leech, and Mystery. While Insect and Leech are ones I'd feel like removing, they fill a niche that I can't really find anything else to replace. Mystery has about the opposite problem, since the theme, while it interests me, often gets tacked onto things that don't requite it, and even otherwise could probably merge into Dark.

The removal of Crystal, Cyber, and Dream. While I understand potential justification for the removal of these, or else I wouldn't have them on this thread, I think they each fill enough of a niche that allows them to remain separate from other Elements. I think they open to interesting designs, and overall provide more substance to the series.
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• 3/23/2017


Hello, Complipedians! Over the past couple years, we've been considering figuring out ways to boost activity! And I am glad to announce that I'd gladly be willing to get us back onto the Wikia spotlight again! However, before we get to that, I believe that we need to clean up the wiki a fair bit, so it looks a little more professional, and perhaps less confusing, to new users. As such, I am beginning the Complipedia Clean-Up 2017 project! The goal here is to tackle any issues we discover one at a time, and begin a collective effort to clean them up. With almost 2,000 pages on Complipedia, it will be a difficult task to get everything cleaned, but hopefully if we work together, we can have this finished in no time!
For Part 1, I say we begin taking a peek towards the categories. As most of you may know, a few months back we renamed some core mechanics of the Complien Universe, to diverge it a bit more from other similar series, namely Pokemon. However, many pages still remain with the old format! I've been able to go back and do a little cleaning myself at school, but many pages still remain, which is where you can help out!
Basically, go to the Types category, and begin swapping out every mention of "types" and "evolution" on those pages with "elements" and "growth!"
For reference...

Psy-type has been renamed to Esper Element!
Fighter-type has been renamed to Martial Element!
All other types retain their names as elements.
Powerution is changed to Burgeon, while Legendution is changed to Divinification.
Categories like "Compliens in a 3 stage evolutionary line" should be changed to "Compliens in a 3 stage line," while "Compliens that don't evolve" is changed to "Compliens that don't grow." 
Hopefully, we can have this all fixed up in no time, and move on to part two!
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• 3/1/2017


Per usual. Nominate Compliens that will appear on the May poll.
I nominate Chronorous and Maringel.
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• 2/6/2017


Same as before. Nominate Compliens you believe should be featured in the April poll.
I nominate Harthehope and Shoam.
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• 2/6/2017

About Regional Variants

So a little less than a month back, I thought that an interesting idea would be to create regional variants of certain Complien species. However, various criticisms were met with this idea, mostly stemming from the fact that this would expect Compliens to evolve into alternate forms with alternate elements, and that this concept may be too similar to a concept recently introduced in Pokemon.
While I still wish to incorporate alternate Complien forms with alternate elements, I'm unsure of how it could be done. A few suggestions have been that we go for alternate breeds, rather than regional variants, or at least discuss ways that'd allow the regional variants to work within the lore of Complipedia.
Basically what I'm asking for is a discussion - what should we do with this concept? How should it be implemented? Feel free to recommend ideas below.
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• 1/16/2017

Complien society discussions

i have been thinking of some of the Compliens, like the fangoes.
and its namely in regard to the unnamed fangoe Compliens that i have made and which have as of yet, not been addopted.
my idea for the fangoes, is that namely the normal fangoes, like Fanshee are of noble status while the other ones (the unnamed ones) are off a working class:

what do some of you think? this is an old idea i have had for some time now.
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• 1/3/2017


Forgot to do this for the past couple of months! Heh, I suppose I'm a little forgetful. Don't worry, I got February covered.
Anyway, pick Compliens you think deserve to be featured in March right now. I personally pick Poispore and Papiella.
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• 10/30/2016

Are you allowed to make an evolution of someone else's Complien?

I know that it's okay to make an evo of your own Compliens, but I don't know if it's okay to do an evo of someone else's. Will I need permission or anything?
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• 10/27/2016


Same thing as last time, nominate Compliens to be featured in December, maybe have a holiday or frost theme, yadda yadda.
I nominate Encke and Hollybow. Yes I plan on revamping the latter soon don't worry.
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• 10/16/2016

Word Changes

So it seems we have come to a conclusion!

Evolution is being changed to Growth. (Misvolution is Misgrowth, Powerution is Burgeon, Legendution is Divinification. Corruption, Comversion, and Fusion are unchanged.)
New categories:
Compliens that don't grow
Compliens in a 2-stage line
Compliens in a 3-stage line
Compliens in a 4-stage line
Compliens in a 5-stage line
Compliens in a Misgrowth
Compliens in a Burgeon
Compliens in a Divinification
Type is being changed to Element. Two elements, Psy and Fighter, are being renamed to Esper and Brawl.
All former typing categories will follow the same naming convention: (Plain Element, Esper Element, Frost Element, etc.)
Physical is going to be changed to Corporeal, Special is going to be changed to Incorporeal.
Categories for Corporeal and Incorporeal spells will be created.
I wish for these changes to begin today. This will likely be a multi-day project, but as a whole, I feel this could further distance Compliens from other similar series, and hopefully improve the wiki. It will take time, but it's best we get started as soon as possible if we wish to make these changes.
Also one last note - can we fix grammatical errors in categories? "Demi-gods Compliens" still bothers me.
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• 9/29/2016

Complipedia now have a Discord Channel

Yup, i created a Discord channel for Complipedia, so now we can discuss with one another, without having to fear of not being able to meet up in time to see one another.
and the link to that channel if some if not all of you have Discord is here: LINK
Hope this help Complipedia futher.
Sign DarkHenrik
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• 9/18/2016

CUBC 2016 is back!

The CUBC is now back again, and thus I have decided to do things a little different this time, instead of having a countdown with people voting/submiting their Complien champion over time, we are first going to have a submission where in people can give say which complien they want to join in on the contest.
so far we have:
Mortosus: submited by ComplienCreator00
Biglock: submited by Ker-plop0990
so please give your submission before it ends, which is 18 September.
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• 9/3/2016


Hello, Complipedia users, new and old, to the forum where we decide the Compliens for the November poll! In case you are a new user, wondering how this works, a month before the poll is put on the main page, we have users decide Compliens they'd like to see recieve the nomination! Unless stated otherwise, Compliens that have already been featured can not be selected, and are instantly disqualified. They can all be found in the Featured Compliens category. You also can't nominate Compliens that are currently on the poll, though you can nominate ones which have been on previous polls, so if you want to choose Peaclock, go for it! The idea is to select pages you think are well made, and yes, they can be your own creations! As long as you think the page is good enough to be featured, it can make a spot on the poll.
As always, the top six pages will be chosen to be featured on the poll next month. The Compliens with the most votes get top priority, followed by Compliens with more content on their page.
I personally nominate Elysaurium and Cherrynobyl! Post your nominations below!
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• 8/9/2016


As with last month, this month as well we are going to be nominating Compliens we think deserve to be featured in October! Now a featured Complien page should be well-written, give a clear hint on what the Complien is and either how it functions and what its abilities are, and over-all be a well rounded page.
The top six pages will be chosen to be featured on the poll next month. The Compliens with the most votes get top priority, followed by Compliens with more content on their page.
Due to October being the month of Halloween, I'm personally choosing two "spookier" Compliens I think deserve a shot at the nomination: Jackslantern and Dreamscaper. Of course, a small part of me is tempted to choose Phasmapara as well, for the mere purpose of having its full line featured in this year alone.
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• 8/6/2016

Complien Names

There are some Compliens whose names bother me, because their names are just the slightly/heavily misspelled version of what they're supposed to be. I like names that are creative, have more meaning to them, genius wordplay, that stuff. k that's it
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• 7/31/2016


I want to create a page for a Complien Game on Fantendo Wiki. Can I have permission?
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• 7/21/2016


Based on Pepearl's ideas, this time, you give suggestions for the September nominees for Featured Complien!! Choose any Complien you'd like to see on the poll, and voting will begin in August!
I nominate Licenoctis and Flushame.
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• 7/14/2016

Complipedia Storyline

Because as CC told me, we need to stabilise the storyline of Complipedia. so this blog is meant to help in working towards that goal.

This page is under construction. Please wait for us to finish it.

The Storyline so far
L.E.G. Oliver creates the Complien Universe, and places gods and demi-gods on each of the worlds to guard and guide the inhabitans of said worlds.
"Evil" is created from the growing stagnation of the multiverse's inhabitans and thus causes the first Deity war to occur, thus forcing L.E.G. Oliver to leave the Complien Universe for a time.
 Soracle sees the future demise of the current Complien civilization and the future threats that faces them, and tries to warn them of their civilization's destruction and dark future but is rejected by the now arrogant Compliens, who cuts all ties with their gods and demi-gods.
The Compliens discovers a then mysterious mineral which containes a new form of energy they name "Complixonox".
When the Compliens tries to harness the power of Complixonox, a great disaster occurs which releases the energy all over the planet, mutating the Compliens and other objects and creatures into strange new lifeforms.
After the disaster happend, an era of disline occured, which caused the newly mutated Compliens to live in a more primitive civilization.
Years later, "Evil"'s demons started to show up on Complanet, and began to enact "Evil"'s long term plan for Complanet and its inhabitants. 
In an effort to counter act the demons, the Complien clans on Complanet began to work towards building empires that would defend them from the growing demon menace. However, as their empires grew, the demons began "Evil"'s plan's second phase, begining random attacks and pillagings on the different empires disguised as warriors from other empires, with the intent to cause the ever growing paranoia of the empires rules to blame one another, and ignite wars.
Some years later, Ylor was born, and was prophecized by Futredict to become the future ruler of all Compliens.
Many years later, Ylor manadge to counqer all the lands on Complanet and thus created the first Complien empire, but as the years went by, Ylor sadly became a rutless tyrant.
Ten years later, Ylor's empire was destroyed by a united group of rebels, who's leader later tried to restore Ylor's original, nobel goal for a united Complien race.
Many eras later, was Legges, Zeath and Rebirtha created by L.E.G. Oliver. Zeath and Rebirtha was tasked by Oliver to guard Complanet and all Compliens from any malevolent forces that wished to do them harm, while Legges was tasked to watch over Zeath and Rebirtha as their father figure.
Three hundred years later, Legges began to notice that both Zeath and Rebirtha where growing bored of the Underworld which they had lived in for many years now. Thus Legges desited it was time to take both Zeath and Rebirtha to the world of the living and allow them to see Complanet for the first time.
Under Construction.
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• 7/8/2016
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