The "Dark Dimension" is the dimension "Evil" was imprisoned on after he was finally defeated for the first time. The planet was later named Armageddon by "Evil" and transformed the lifeless planet into one made of his essence. The planet is now a completely dark place where the trees are twisted and cruel, the sea is made of pure acid, and the air is made of poison. "Evil" can send his army of demons and dark corrupters out of the cracked dimensonal holes to release him from the outside of his prison.


Alpha and Omega are Armageddon's moons. They were originally not orbiting Armageddon until "Evil" created them. They are regular moons at first sight, but at a closer look, they are revealed to be gigantic monsters that have a big red eye on the top of their head. They are Armageddon's guardians, and at the command of their creator "Evil" will attack mercilessly anything.

Notable areas

  • The Apocalypse Forges - Located near the volcanic area of Armageddon. These Forges have been the birth place for many of the word destructive weapons that "Evil" uses in his plans.
  • Forrest of Plague - Located in the South Poles of Armageddon. This forrest have grown many of the toxic plants that are used by "Evil"'s forces.
  • The Crystal Labyrinth of Sins - Near the very core of Armageddon, and the last defence before the very Gate to "Evil"'s throne room.
  • "Evil"'s Throne Room - In the very core of Armageddon, does this place exist. Anyone who would find themself unlucky enough to enter this room, should face a fate worst than death.


  • Many have believed that the "Dark Dimension" is acually the Underworld, but this is untrue.

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