Evil form

 General Information
Full Name "Evil"
Pronunciation ēvəl
Species Unknown
Gender Genderless (though favors a masculine voice and appearance)
 Personal Information
Current Location "Dark Dimension"
Date of Birth Beginning of the multiverse
Status Alive
Relatives "Something" and "Nothing" ("Parents")

"Good" ("Sister")

Allies His minions
Enemies All living beings
"Evil" is the "brother" of "Good" and is the symbol of all that is evil and lives from the negative emotions of every creature in the multiverse. He is as old as the multiverse and was the one who created all evil creatures. "Evil" stands as one of the greatest threats to the multiverse, and is the main antagonist of the Complien series.


His apperence is never the same, but his true form is. No one know what he really looks like because if one were to look at his true form, they would instantly die.

Power and abilities

He has enough power to destroy the entire multiverse. He can also create smaller and weaker copies of himself to lead his armies outside his prison. He can alter a person's or creature's form or mind and turn them into his slaves. He can also possess other living beings, but his powers are too strong to stay in a normal body, so the host would have exploded.

"Evil"'s forms

  • Dragon
  • Pixie
  • Snake
  • Spinosaurus
  • Giant moth
  • Storm cloud
  • Human
  • Plani
  • More soon.

Most hated creatures

  • Humans
  • Angels of any kind
  • Heroes
  • Anything not evil
  • Traitors


  • "Evil" hates the color green.
  • For now, "Evil" is in his prison, but for how long, nobody knows.
  • "Evil" is the most dangerous threat the Compliens have ever faced.
  • Few people know this, but "Evil" dabbles in cooking. Evil cooking, of course.
  • "Evil" is not as old as he wants other to think, he was born some time after the creation of the multiverse.


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