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Agrelope is known as the hypnotized hero.


Agrelope was once a hero of all compliens and made his fare servants, the Capriconis, like him. Until, one night, he was stabbed rapidly by a million Assassin Humanoids about more than 1000 times, thus killing him. Then the humanoids put his corpes on a big sacred stone at Yoira's Ruins. The Complien master Spell casters turned his corpes alive but now, he is not a hero, but a destroyer. He killed almost all the extinct compliens including Harthehope, the god of the sea, Ferenhope, the god of heat and Natuhope, the god of the forest. The three skulls on his head are the skulls of those gods. Because of this activity, Zodiack asks Zeath to quickly take away his life. Zeath agrees and pulls his life away and destroy it for good. The corpe of Agrelope is destroyed for good, too. He is now dead, for now...


  • At the end of the info, it says he is dead, for now.... might mean that he will return to wreak havoc on the Complien world. But this time, he will get his revenge on the Compliens AND the Humanoids for making him vanish.
  • Although Capriconis is the Capricon Complien, he is the greater Capricon complien.

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