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Not to be confused with Algdya (Gas).



Often called "the pink planet", Algdya is the third-brightest planet visible from Complanet.



Algdya is usually the furthest from its sun, Teqqy, but its orbit sometimes takes it through Larmania's orbit, like how Pluto cuts through Neptune's orbit. Algdya’s axis is about 2.7°. Temperatures on Algdya sporadically plunge from below -20 Fices to as high as 35 Fices. Its atmosphere is made up of 63% carbon monoxide, 27% cytamo, 6% oxygen and 4% algdya. There is a huge, perfect, circle crater in Algdya, located on the equator, the edge starting from about 166Kn away from the Prime Meridian of the planet.


  • Algdya has a mass of about 2.761MJ, and an area of approximately 1.2Yn.

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