General Information
Full Name Alktark
Pronunciation unknown
Species Pureblood Humanoid
Gender Male
 Personal Information
Current Location unknown
Date of Birth
Status Immortal
Relatives unknown
Allies Church of Alktark
Enemies Anyone not in the Church, anyone not a Humanoid
"Bow before the true master of the Humanoids and follow me to our kind's return to glory." ~ Alktark during a speech

Alktark is an immortal Humanoid with great powers.


Alktark was the old ruler of the Humanoids and standardized a religion across his kingdom, which he himself followed with singleminded devotion. Claming himself and his followers as sons of the gods, Alktark lead a murderous crusade all over Raeth, killing all those who did not fit in with his views. Alktark, however, was defeated by his own people who were tired of his blind murder of other Humanoids, and was imprisoned and was given life time in jail. He was kept in the prison for hundreds of years, and for some unknown reasons did not die, until the Mogurian invasion occured. During the struggle, Alktark's prison was hit during the cross fire, and the ancient tyrant was once more released to bring his hate filled religion back.


  • Alktark is the only remaning pure blood Humanoid that is left... or so he believes.
  • There have been many theories of how Alktark have been able to live for many years and not look as old as he really is.
  • Most Humanoids nowadays don't believe in religion, since you can't turn on a TV or flip through a magazine without seeing some demigod on the front cover or being stalked by paparazzi. However, Alktark has managed to create a small cult of personality based upon his original religion, adapted to modern standards.


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