"Mmmmmfmffffpffpffmfmff (My mouth looks very full, i can't speak!)"----Bactenake

Bactenake is a Worm/Caterpillar Complien. It evolves from Molepillar.
009 - Bactenake


The body's is longer than all of the Compliens, and it has molecular sticked to his body, due to messing up himself's body.


He can become more fatter meanwhile digs the ground, and sometimes can be poofy like a cloud by eating a huge cloud, when it's body gets hot, it turns into a green molecular-ed worm, when it's body gets cold, it becomes into a ice statue, and it can fire laser eyes.




  • He can morph into a statue, a molecular, and other materials.
  • His name joins "Bacteria" and "snake".
  • In the picture you can see his body longer.


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