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A lucky shot of Bertyl, with Squilt flying by.

Bertyl is a rogue planet that has many moons. It is somewhat habitable and has an atmosphere with thin oxygen. Bertyl was recently discovered and flies through space with no sun.


Bertyl has five standard moons: Doody, Diltert, Claytant, Fujimokokok, and the only inhabitable one, Defretaz. A small asteroid named Squilt flies past the planet every few years or so on a lopsided orbit.




Every Bertyl day takes thirty hours. Bertyl has no years or seasons, due to not being in orbit. Bertyl is also the ancestral home of the ancient ancestors of the Shroomoni family. They fled when a catastrophically large asteroid hit Bertyl and threw it out of orbit. They left in great crystalline ships and crashed on Complanet, where, finding harsher weather than they had expected, migrated to the Underworld, where they were enslaved. However, a shaman, intent on freeing his people, transformed them all into mushrooms, where they waited for a hundred years. When they came out, they had all morphed into the less intelligent DoomShrooms


  • Bertyl is sixty-five thousand miles wide.
  • Bertyl is frozen over with a snow layer 2 inches thick because of its lack of a sun.
  • Bertyl sometimes orbits around nearby stars or planets and then continues to roam.
  • The mountain Amacil sticks out from Bertyl's surface. It can be seen from space and even bumps nearby moons!
  • Its main export is duodingynian.
  • Recently, ApocaShrooms began returning to Bertyl. They intend to unite it under one flag and make it their home again. 

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