General Information
Official Name Bitland
Planet Complanet
Government Direct Democracy
Capital Alphaland
Demonym Bitlander
Population ~8.2 million
 National Symbols
Flag BitlandFlag
Seal unknown
Bitland is an island nation populated mostly with Robot-type Compliens, although it is home to a variety of types.


Bitland's states are, in decreasing order of population:

  • New Cyberia
  • Phynite
  • Ontanta
  • Voracia
  • Northwest Bitland


The flag depicts an adjustable wrench crossed with a dark red screwdriver under a large conventional gear. The flag has a dark blue backdrop.

Neighbouring Countries



===Land Features===

  • Phynite Mountains
  • Foodtype County
  • Robatian Penninsula
  • Finance State

Water Features

  • Oil River
  • TS Lake
  • Bay of Export
  • Bot Bay
  • Sea of Defense


  • Bitland's emblem and flag resemble the "Skull-and-Crossbones" design.
  • Despite this, a majority of the inhabitants are friendly.
  • It is one of the only Complien nations to have a direct democratic government.

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