Blagluyjhi Millandræ

A picture of Blagluyjhi Millandræ, showing the positions of the five planets, including its Sun, Teq-darmindaqraftynaffa, and the mysterious Dark Eye. The black lines show the path of orbit of the planets.

Blagluyjhi Millandræ
(pronounced blah-GLOO-hee mi-LUN-dray), is a system (like the Solar System) in the Compliens Galaxy. It has five planets, and its Sun, Teq-darmindaqraftynaffa (Teqqy for short), is one of the largest stars in the universe.


These are the planets, in order from furthest to closest to its sun.

  1. Algdya
  2. Larmania
  3. Sakra
  4. Alfylus
  5. Sycri

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