Bootless is an epic complien, and is part of Mochlum's Agency.



He is two headed, and each side of his body has a head. His legs are on his torso and he is four-legged. He is blue-eyed. One of his heads is optimistic while the other is more grumpy. They are light green and their noses are dark greens.


He has some special abilities, like the ability to switch objects. One head zaps the object with his laser eyes while the other zaps something else, and makes the things get switched. For example, if two people are zapped, they switch bodies. Also, if a brick wall and a couch it makes the couch hard and the wall soft. The first head is always very happy. He always tries to help people by switching things, but often fails. The second head is often grumpy. He helps people, just not as often. He is part of Mochlum's Agency, and is a computer whiz, since his ability isn't too good for battle.


  • In his free time, he sits in his little underground home simply switching stuff for fun.
  • He was created as a mutation of a snake, and two lizards.
  • The first thing he ever switched was deodorant and a dumpster, and the owner of the deodorant never forgived Bootless for making him smell horrible.
  • He earned his name by someone noticing that he had no butt.


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