Brainiac is a complien that is super-smart. He is part of Mochlum's Agency.



He is mostly light blue, and his body is human-shaped. His legs have no toes, and are more like Triceratops legs. His torso is a darker shade of blue, and his legs and feet are light blue. His face is transperant so you can see his brain inside his head. He is cheerful, always having a smile on his face.


He was created when a complien's mind is stretched. He is very wise and knows anything about everything. Though he is very smart, he isn't very athelitic. He spends most of his time working on computers and battle strategies for Mochlum's Agency. He is very high ranked, since he is a general and a computer whiz. One reason why he is so wise is because he was born in 2,000 B.C. He used to be married to a complien dinosaur. He has the ability to remember anything he sees, hears, smells, reads, feels, or tastes. He also is very good at understanding things, since his mind helps him understand the most complicated math theories in less then a minute. When he was young, he was just a glob that was his head. He learned much by simply observing the objects in the one room he was in. When he was 400 years old, he finally moved from the spot he was born in, and realized he had legs and arms. And even though he never moved for centuries, he already understood many scientific studies on rocks.


  • He is a science-type and math-type complien.
  • He is the only living being in the universe to know the unified theory... but doesn't tell anyone it. They wouldn't understand what any of it means.
  • When he is bored, he lays on the ground observing the room he is in, like when he was a kid. He once forgot to keep track of time, and realized he was laying there for an entire century.



Art by CuriouslyFurtive

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