Oh britia, hail britiaaaa

 General Information
Official Name Britia
Planet Complanet
Government Representative democracy
Capital Rundun
Demonym Britian
Population ~1.1 billion
 National Symbols
Flag Britia, our queen motherland
Seal unknown
Britia is a small circular island on Complanet.


  • Whales
  • Golfland
  • Eggland
  • Golfland
  • Flayn 
  • North Golfland
  • Queltin


The flag is dark blue with two red lines crossed like an X over it.

Neighboring Countries



  • Britia originally owned Nagthoto and Ironland, but during the Revolutionary War, both Ironland and Nagthoto became therir own countries.
  • Unlike most other countries, Britia has a representative democracy.

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