"Cakity? I'm a kitty eating cake?!?!"----Cakity

Cakity is a Complien dessert.

 General Information
Scientific Name ''unknown''
Common Name Cakity
Pronunciation unknown
Class unknown
Family unknown
Counterparts unknown
Locations unknown
List Number unknown
Generation unknown
Rarity unknown
 Complien Information
Elements unknown
Gender Choconut-Male Cakie-Female


Status unknown
Sapience unknown
Instinct unknown
Grows into unknown
Grows from unknown
Alternate forms of Growth unknown


A pink pants-like bowl body with two cookie-cake balls in it. One cookie cake color, the other fudge coconut. They both have large hair curls similar to the Pokémon Jigglypuff. Long curly tail, and two feet.


Cakity is a complien who loves to play in the way back of bakeries. It's about 8 inches tall. Very light, 1 lbs. Cakity will always have 3 bodys. One, the Cakie, two, the Choconut, and Three, The tailegs. If it loses one, all the bodies may stink.


  • The Choconut's 2nd ear will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS be flopping.
  • Cakies may start to grow another tail on the top of its body.




Black White Cakie-Tail01

imstrong123 (Me) Was just too lazy so here is a black and white pic of Cakie with a tailhead

In here is the picture of Cakity and other Cakity-related pics.

If you have a drawing of Cakity, post it here.

Other stuff about Cakity

-None yet-

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