General Information
Scientific Name monoeye/monohorn/diarm/ditail metegheer
Common Name Camonoid
Pronunciation kahm-oh-noid
Phylum Monoeye/Monohorn/Diarm/Ditail
Locations Unknown
Rarity Rare
 Humanoid Information
Element(s) unknown
Sapience unknown
Camonoid is a Mystery-type Humanoid. It can change colors to hide itself.


Camonoids have chromatophores embedded in their skin that allows them to completely blend in with their environment, becoming almost invisible. However, surprising them will cause them to rapidly shift between various bright colors, rendering the Camonoid very obvious.


  • Camonoids start off only able to change their entire bodies to one color at a time, but can develop their camouflage skills with lots of practice.


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