The Not Actually Any Compliens reality is an alternate reality where there is actually not any Compliens. The whole "Complien reality" thing is kind of misleading. There are also no Humanoids and Mogurians, at least that have been discovered, and really it's over-all pretty bland. It's said humans originated from this reality.


  • There is an absence of the complixonox molecule, leading to no Compliens.
  • While unconfirmed, it seems there's also no mogurixonox or humanoxonox, which'd ultimately mean there are no Humanoids or Mogurians, either.
  • However, other life-forms without elemental abilities called "Animals" do exist in this universe. A few of them seem to have growth lines, like a species known as the "Caterpillar," but they can't use magical spells.
  • Humans supposedly have a presence in this dimension, or at least had one. It is unknown just how much of the human population was able to escape to the Alpha reality.
  • The time-stream is fairly stable, due to a lack of time travelling creatures, causing there to be no portals which can rip people out of existence. Unfortunately.
  • Essentially, think of everything Compliens are responsible for in their reality, and take away all of that. Even L.E.G. Oliver claims he had no interference in the creation of the universe. Whether it was formed by some other divine being or simply came into existence is highly debated.


  • Supposedly, knowledge of the Alpha reality spread to a young girl in an area of this dimension known as "West Virginia." She has subsequently spread said knowledge to others around the world via internet, who seem to carry similar knowledge.

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