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I bet 100 puzzle dudes i could solve this!

Welcome to Complipedia!

The next featured Complien you get to vote for! The current voting period is from Sunday, May 1st to Tuesday, May 31st. Just go to the main page and vote on the poll that will be there. If you have any specific Compliens you want in the next poll, please contact an active admin before the 31st! The Featured Complien section will be updated with the most voted for Complien on June 1st. Also, if you haven't yet, don't forget to read the Rules. Enjoy the wiki!

Want to create a Complien right now? This box below is perfect to do so. Have fun!

Featured Complien: Drillasp!

Gradients for days
Drillasp is a complien made by moon snail. It evolves from CutCoon, and is therefore the final evolution on Larvice. Read more...

This wiki is about Compliens, creatures you can create.

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  • Only 8 more days before ThatMinecrafterDJ's birthday!
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  • The Complien Universal Battle Cup is now over with the winner being Phasmaiana. the CUBC will return in 15/8/2016.

Featured Compliens

Which should be featured Complien in May?

The poll was created at 01:05 on May 3, 2016, and so far 3 people voted.

Previous Featured Compliens

  • January 2016 - Zeath
  • February 2016 - Tototomple
  • March 2016 - Phasmafena
  • April 2016 - Spaec
  • May 2016 - Drillasp
  • June 2016 - TBA
  • July 2016 - TBA
  • August 2016 - TBA
  • September 2016 - TBA
  • October 2016 - TBA
  • November 2016 - TBA
  • December 2016 - TBA

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