On April 1st, 2017, April Fools' Day was observed on Complipedia. This was Complipedia's second observation of the holiday.


  • Complipedia was reskinned as the Somblipedia, themed around Somblot.
    Complipedia april fools 17

    An image of "Evil's" page during the Somblipedia event.

    • The logo and background featured Somblot extensively.
    • The template on the main page had Somblot replace the puzzle Cyoob.
    • Despite Shoam winning the April 2017 poll, Somblot took the featured article instead.
    • The poll for the next featured Complien read "Do you believe you have a choice?" with Somblot as the only option.
    • Once again, Somblot was given fashionable hair, and all the insults on its page were changed to compliments.
    • Dreamscaper's article added a paragraph describing the face of a Dreamscaper, having a singular eye and several misaligned teeth, a facet of Somblot's design.

      The redesign of Rowndabowt.

  • "Evil's" page was heavily vandalized, changing all images to "dank" versions of the image, and adding the 🅱 emoji in place of several words. A few words were also adjusted, to match the nature of the meme, and it was explained that "Evil" hates the color green because Somblot is so amazing.
  • Slamm Dunkk began to have major presence on the wiki about halfway through the event. Images on the main page began to feature Slamm Dunkk heavily, and the Compliens article was replaced with a redirect to Slamm Dunkk's page.
    • Tying into Slamm Dunkk's presence, Rowndabowt received a redesign based around Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, likely as a reference to the Roundabout meme.
  • Towards the end of the event, another round was added to the Stadium page, focusing on Slamm Dunkk and Somblot. Each got only one vote before the event ended, though the match is still present on the page.


  • Much like the first event, it followed Wikia's clock based on GMT, beginning at midnight of April 1st and ending at midnight of April 2nd.

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