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A Wuffle reading the Complipedia News in Loirae's house.

The Compliens have their own newspapers. They are the Complipedia News and Complipedia Times. Eglinton, and ZL123 create the Complipedia News, while CattailsWeLove creates the Complipedia Times, and CompliensCreator00 does the much more advanced Scienceburg Times.

Issues 1-5

Compliens news 1

Issue 1

Complipedia Times

Issue 2

Compliens news 2

Issue 3


Issue 4

Issue 5 - Special Edition

Issue 5

Issues 6-10

Complipedia times 5

Issue 6

Compliens news 3

Issue 7

Issue 8

Issue 9 - Special Edition

Zomplipedia times 10

Issue 10

Issues 11-15

Issue 11

Issue 12
Issue 12 pg. 11

Page 11 of Issue 12.

Complipedia News Issue 13


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