Complipox is a severe disease made by the Humanoids according to Lanterna, who took this photo for evidence. Complipox

The Humanoids are spreading this by secretly spraying it all over the air. They have now left and they are waiting for their time to come back. Find out more here.

Complipox Virus

A microscopic photo of a Complipox virus.

Compliens infected


  • Stuffy nose
  • Sore throat
  • Constant laughing
  • Asphyxiation
  • Pale hands and feet
  • Temperatures raging from 50 to 53 fices
  • Severe skin rash

If any of you Compliens reading this experience any of these symptoms, please call your local Potion Control Center.

Series of symptoms

The virus can get into your body if you breathe it in. First, it attacks the soft flesh around your nose, causing it to expel mucus. It goes down into your throat and attacks that. It tickles your vocal chords as it destroys it, which is unbearable to even the most unticklish people. It goes into your lungs and through your blood. The virus infects your red blood cells, keeping oxygen away from the extremities, like your hands and feet. This is usually when the immune system is alerted and it rushes to the virus. The battle between the virus and the immune system raises your temperature. If the immune system is strong enough, it subdues the virus. If not, the virus continues its rampage. It spreads to your skin, turns it red, and severely irritates it. This is when the virus completely disappears for no reason.

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