Complixonox radius

The radius of energy Complixonox of a Totomple

is a manifestation of the Compliens' life force. It is also the main object of interest to some of the villains in the Complien universe.


Complixonox is very strange. It varies wildly in appearance, but it most commonly appears as a green crystal. Anything that touches its physical form or absorbs its energy becomes alive. Living things instead gain powerful abilities. Carbonaxe, the only resource in which Complixonox can be found, is an exception, since it does not become alive or gain powers. It is unknown why Complixonox has these bizarre powers.

The only known methods of obtaining pure Complixonox are by extracting it from Carbonaxe or from a Complien. Only the former is commonly used because if a Complien loses its Complixonox, it will die. Carbonaxe contains physical Complixonox, which can be freed by conventional means. Compliens, on the other hand, radiate Complixonox in its raw energy form, which can be "pulled on" to release the rest of the Complixonox inside.

Complixonox reacts oddly with liquid radium. When exposed to any physical form of Complixonox, the two merge together. The radium absorbs the Complixonox's creature-making powers and the Complixonox absorbs the radium's radioactivity. The liquid radium then becomes absorbed into the Complixonox, nullifying the Complixonox's creature-making powers. This inert form of Complixonox is known as Tame Complixonox and is used in jewelry and decorations.

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