The Great Cosmicon

Cosmicon was the demigod of space in charge of populating the universe with the original stars and planets.


She has a mostly personoid body with a long, narrow tail in lieu of legs. She has blue skin and wears a high poncho covered in stars. Her tail has a covering around it, also with stars. The stars are an actual real-time display of the area she is in. Her sleeves have yellow ends. Her arms are long and her hands have three fingers. She wears black arm-length gloves. She also wears a yellow waist plate, yellow collar, and two blue epaulets. She wears a large star-shaped hat with two jagged horns coming down from it. Her tail is tipped with a star at the end. She is about 10,000 astronomical units in size (1.5 trillion kilometers).


Cosmicon was created by L.E.G. Oliver to fill up the initially-empty universe with the primers for a new one. She trekked across the universe, generating various massive astronomical features like nebulae and supermassive black holes to jump start the creation of galaxies. Ioniculus then created time, allowing the universe to grow into what it is today.


  • Her name comes from the word "cosmic."
  • After finishing the universe, she opened up a pocket dimension and now lives in a (Cosmicon-sized) sunny beach resort.