Cottonplien is a cotton complien that is very tall.


It has taupe coloured roots like a tree but its body is made of cotton on the end of a long stalk. It has big mauve eyes and grows in bunches of five. The cottonplien in charge has a toupee that is jazzberry jam in colour.


It grows extremely tall so it can see everything as far as the horizon, but its too high up for anyone to hear it say anything and it doesn't have a mouth anyway. It can't move anywhere either. Sometimes a bird bashes into it and one falls off, drifts in the air for many miles (because they are very light) and becomes a cottonpliom. As long as there is one head on the cottonpliom stalk it can regrow any that are knocked off, but if there is a storm, all the heads might be blown away, so the cottonpliom hates storms. If it sees storm-clouds in the distance, it looks at it angrily, so you would be able to tell if there was going to storm if they wern't too high up to see.


Its name comes from cotton and complien


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