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"I am sorry Zeath , but you and my... Brother... must both die now!"

Count Moogard is the most feared mogurian that have ever lived. The Compliens reffer to him as "The Poisen". And the Humanoids reffer to him as the "shadowed fear". He uses a potion to make the Compliens and Humanoids his slaves. The Mogurians also reffer to him as the "Venom Snake". He is not on the mogurians side, because he was kicked out for trying to overthrow Magoru as leader.


A master in trickery and decite, The Count is possibly one of the greatest traitors of all time. He is smart and knows the right way to trick his adversaries into a false security or comfort. He even managed to trick Zeath into beliving that he wanted to help the Compliens againt the Mogurians, when in truth, he was using Zeath so he could kill of Magoru. 

Powers and abilities

He can turn into somones shadow and have telechenise. and If he consentraits, He can take control over a creature`s mind and make it his puppet.


  • Moogard and Magoru are twin brothers.
  • After the Count was kicked out, he later created an army built up of : ApocaShroom, DestructaShroom, Pumpking, Widownist and Derkelveen, and is now ploting his takeover of Complanet.
  • The Count's took base on an old castle that was placed on a dark mountain.
  • Like his brother, the Count has a british accents, but tries to make it sound like he has a transylvanian accent.


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