Creeping Nightmares

A Creeping Nightmare in the real world.

Creeping Nightmares are one of "Evil"'s more insidious demons. They infiltrate people's dreams and cause nightmares. In the real world, they are shadows, however its in the Dreamscape that they can trully be harmed.


These creatures consume fear and terror, which they acquire by turning into their prey's worst nightmares and scaring them in their dreams. After eating its fill, the Creeping Nightmare leaves behind a sort of mental wound that weakens the person to Dark Corrupters.

Creeping Nightmares can warp in and out of the Dreamscape into real life at will, making them difficult to destroy or capture. They are reviled by the local Dreamscapers, who attack them on sight. In turn, Creeping Nightmares will occasionally fight off Dreamreapers that get too close, since Creeping Nightmares cannot feed off of the emotions of someone who is braindead.


  • They can take on any shape in the Dreamscape, but always look like the shadow of a 3-legged spider demon with one red eye in the real world.
  • They prefer targeting lucid dreamers, but will turn towards nonlucid dreamers if needed. If they are starving, they can attack people who don't have any dreams, which will only slightly satiate the Creeping Nightmare and leave the person with a few minutes of sleep paralysis.


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