General Information
Scientific Name dieye/medenhorn/diarm/monotail semnypy
Common Name Crewnoids
Pronunciation crew-noid
Phylum Dieye/Medenhorn/Diarm/Monotail
Locations The open seas
Rarity Uncommon
 Humanoid Information
Element(s) unknown
Sapience 0.9
Crewnoids are the minions of the Piranoids. They come in four different types: Water-type, Fire-type, Nature-type, and Volt-type.


Crewnoids are a less-intelligent Humanoid subspecies with elemental complixonox running through their body in special bioengineered vessels, allowing them to cast spells of their type. This complixonox is separated from the rest of their body to avoid comvertion.

They wear different clothes depending on what type they have, and it is otherwise impossible to tell what type a Crewnoid is other than watching them cast a spell.

Crewnoids have the relative sapience of a Human toddler, but are born with full knowledge of intership combat skills. This makes them a valuable asset in marine warfare, but close to useless in anything else. As a result, the Piranoids themselves are left to do the menial grunt work.


  • A manufacturing defect leaves them with only one usable eye.

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