Damonus is the new great lord of the Dark-type Compliens kingdom. He is the most powerful of the Dark-types, and was chosen to be their leader, after their original leader turned into "The Traitor".


He has a demonic appearance, with four bat wings. He has red claws, A long tail with a spike on the tip, a head that resembles a lion, and very big feet.


Even though he is a dark-type, he is more true and friendly than the others. He is also very powerful, and he and Zeath are also good friends. He was at first looked at to be just as bad as the original leader, but as it was later revealed, he was far more concerned about the peace between the other Compliens, other than power and might.


  • Damonus is the leader of the Dark-type Compliens.
  • He is also the guardian of the Pancerma book of Darkness.
  • Damonus never knew who his father was.


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