"Power? you don't know the meaning of the word "power". But, no matter, allow me to teach you the true meaning of POWER!!!" Darko

Darko was pne of L.E.G. Oliver's Demi god Compliens, whos job was to teach the Compliens the art of combat, before allowed himself to be used as a prison for the two demons, Shaztorm & Darztorm.


He has no legs, instead have a wounded tail, his body is also misscolored black, has one eye and a dark gray cape and straw hat.


Darko was once a master of different forms of combat like for example, sword fighting. But after having used himself to seal the demon twins, Shaztorm & Darztorm, he became mad, and started to kill his own family and students, thankfully he was stopped by his fellow Demi gods Compliens, who manage to talk too the remaining part of Darko's mind. Making him stop long enough for them to send him to a pocket dimension.


  • Darko is the second most dangerous threat the Compliens have ever faced, second after "Evil".

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