Darkronus mutated form
 General Information
Full Name Darkronus
Pronunciation därk-rō-nəs
Species Demon
Gender Male
 Personal Information
Current Location Traitor's Chest
Date of Birth 30-ish years before Great Complien War
Status Alive
Relatives None
Allies The Great Complien Lords (formerly)
Enemies Worldwide Brothers in Arms, everyone that isn't evil
Darkronus was once the original Great Complien Lord of the Dark-type Compliens. However, due to his lust for power and control, he caused the Great Complien War and was eventually defeated.


He originally looked like a black Personoid with three red eyes, two pairs of wings, an eye in his chest, and lots of red spikes. After his fall, he looks like a black Personoid with no neck, one single large eye in his forehead, a face in his chest, one pair of wings, misshapen claws, glowing swollen legs, and even more spikes.


Darkronus was originally granted the title of Great Complien Lord due to his bravery and strength. He led the Dark-type Compliens with skill. Unfortunately, his ambition demanded that he take control of all of the other Compliens as well, so he decided to launch a surprise attack on the Fire-type Compliens, which quickly led to an all-out war between the Dark-types and the rest of the Compliens, who banded together into the Worldwide Brothers in Arms. As the war raged on, Darkronus grew ever more hungry for power, allowing "Evil" to infiltrate his mind and slowly corrupt him into a demonic being of destruction. The Dark-types, tiring of the needless war and sensing their lord's descent into insanity, decided to bail out and collaborate with the other Compliens. Shocked by this betrayal, Darkronus became enraged and gave himself up to "Evil", gaining immeasureable amounts of power and the use of the Poncrumina. With the incredibly destructive forbidden spells, Darkronus began an assault against both his former allies and every other living thing. He was only stopped when Timturna gave the WBA the details of how Darkronus will been have to be defeated, resulting in Darkronus becoming restrained in the Traitor's Chest for the rest of eternity.


  • The Traitor is the third most dangerous threat the Compliens have ever faced, third after Darko and "Evil".
  • The Brotherhood of Darkness works to retrieve the Traitor's Chest from the ocean floor and release Darkronus.
  • After the Great Complien War, the word "darkronus" became a cuss word, taking on the meaning of "fellatio" and the severity of "perkele". It has since become degraded after many centuries of use, turning into an ironic minced oath like "dagnabbit" or "gosh darn".
  • Before being sucked into the Traitor's Chest, Darkronus generated "The Hate" from his pure, burning hatred and the raw power of "Evil".


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