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Darness is a planet shrouded in darkness, due to the large quantities of shadow ooze and blacjoc.



  • Derness
  • Dorness
  • Durness



It is the homeland of many Void-type Compliens. Many Horror, DarkVampire, and Ghostly-types live there too, but most were sent by the vastly more powerful Void-types to live on the three moons, Derness, Dorness, and Durness.


  • Derness is populated by mostly Horror-types, Dorness by Ghostly-types, and Durness by Dark-types. Vampire-types live with the Void-types on Darness as common pests.
  • It is the main source of dark ore, skacinite, shadow ooze, and blacjoc in the local group it resides in.
  • It is the main exporter of bloodroot.


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