Day 2

Our quick reporters got to the scene even before the Totomple said anything.

On Tempi Island, a mysterious portal has appeared. A Totomple was outside, when suddenly, the portal appeared. Some Volt-, Plant- and Fire-type Mogurian grunts came out of the portal and started destroying nearby villages. Several Hedlox captured the Mogurians and were awarded for their bravery, while the Mogurians were taken to a nearby police station and questioned. They have not revealed anything as of yet.

The Humanoids previously arrested have finished their community service and  released, but the police are keeping a close eye on them. They may still be engaging in criminal activities and trying to steal the shipment of Qworx Diamonds, which has been moved out of the area.

The object hurtling towards our small planet has still not been confirmed to be a meteoroid. It is predicted to land somewhere in Chinae, but many estimate it to hit Nagthoto. The object is still too far away to tell for sure what it is and where it's going.

In other news, a Rubee has found the find of the Ya. An ancient treasure chest buried underground has been discovered and is being moved to the museum. For some reason, scientists have found Mogurian fingerprints on the chest. This may not be a good sign. The chest has not been opened yet. Rumors abound that the chest contains a deadly trap or a heap of gold.

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