Trapsure Chest

The security feed from a camera in the museum.

Yesterday, a Rubee found a large treasure chest buried deep underground. It was moved to the museum. A Piranoid broke into the museum last night and tried to steal the chest, but the chest was actually a Mogurian trap and captured the surprised Piranoid. Scientists are studying the strange chest and it appears to be a mechanical contraption activated when someone opens it.

There has been no new reports on the strange object in space, but rumor has it that the object is actually an alien spaceship. It is barely within visual range, but was seen when a G.C.T tapped into the radio waves coming from it. It appears to be a colorful cube, but this has not been confirmed.

The shipment of Qworx Diamonds has successfully reached its destination, Bitland. The robots living there apparently require the iron-rich diamonds to create complex machinery. The Humanoids who tried to hijack the shipment have not made any moves as of yet.

An investigation of yesterday's attack by Mogurians has revealed that the portal used was actually an illusion used to disguise the Mogurians to divert attantion from them. The grunts dispelled the illusion as they began the attack, creating the appearance of going through it. This may not be the whole truth.

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