Day 4
Zeath has disappeared! He vanished in the forest along with two traveling cohorts. Nobody knows where he is. Police say the trail ends abruptly in a clearing, where a fight probably took place. Blood and other things litter the area. A small syringe containing Knockout Syrup has been found in the clearing. No bodies were found. More information later.

The mysterious object has landed on Complipedia Island during the night. It was gone in the morning, but eyewitnesses have seen a shining, colorful metal cube. It grew mechanical arms and embedded itself into the ground. Rumors are going around about the event.

A small group of Humanoid bandits have been seen breaking into houses along the coast of the Sea of Departure. They may be connected to the Humanoids who were attempting to steal the Qworx Diamonds. The police in the area have been notified and are patrolling the local neighborhoods. If you see the Humanoid intruders, notify the police department immediately.

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