Day 6
We got your news on JMW. Complipedia Island has been sending reports of strange, thorny vines bursting through the ground. The famous explorers Magy the Ploft, Lotu the Loonar, Metu the Angle and Angus the Lazeum were sent to investigate.They found and took a picture of a large, mutated plant bursting through the ground, connected to large machines. Mogurians tended to the plant, driving strange vehicles around and fiddling with the machinery. We don't know what exactly they're doing, but it could be sinister. We here at JMW advise everyone on the northern end of Complipedia Island to evacuate.

In other news, this year's summer held the record for hottest overall temperature in the world. Could this be the result of standard climate change, or might it be our fault? Stay tuned for more on JMW News!

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