Continuing from yesterday's news, we report the news, and you just sit in front of the TV. We've recently gotten the lastest report on the Mogurian situation in the Complipedia Island valley. As you know, Angus, the famous leader of the Complien explorers, just yesterday discovered a giant plant that may be part of a larger conspiracy from the Mogurians - and this surge of top info is raising the stakes, as the Humanoid explorers are involved too! Stay tuned for more on this exciting break!

Recent examinations from the New Kea observatory in Erakoterinsky Land have shown a surprisingly high temperature these last few weeks, and predict the heat will just keep rising! The scientists say that, with these absurdly high temperatures, there's no telling what could happen! Of course, there's always the chance that it could be a fluke - but are you watching this channel for flukes?!

We return to our hit story tonight! In one of the machines driving in the valley, the infamous Mogurian general, Mogatron, was making sure that everything was working well. The four Complien Explorers went down into the valley and inspected the plant, which was large, thorny, and had some uncanny-looking veins on it. They also found and pocketed a round gold plate with strange markings on it. They then saw Sansan the Ninjanoid, leader of the Humanoid explorers, along with Durax the Piranoid, Danual the Footballanoid, and Malag the Malanoid, who were also investigating the plant. More info is coming to us shortly, but in the meantime, stay right here until tomorrow for another JMW News report!

In other news, a Trinocalures robber recently broke into the Green Tea Opera Tavern, trying to steal some alcohol. However, a brave regiment of opera singers currently at ladies' night stopped him. The robber is now at St. Mont-Hellin Hospital/Wrestling Stadium, recieving a lens transplant.

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