I bet 100 puzzle dudes i could solve this! This page is under construction. Please wait for us to finish it.

Welcome back to JMW News! In our last episode, we discussed the Complien explorers' find in a hidden valley on Complipedia Island, and the monstrous plant within!

I am sorry, but the story has to wait, until someone can take over for me. But this third and final part, I think is going to be long. Characters are finally saying a word, and the four Humanoids, Sansan the Ninjanoid, Durax the Piranoid, Danual the Footballanoid and Malag the Malanoid. Plus a new character, Zorbuck, is introduced. If you want to know more, then either wait for the new storyteller, or be the new storyteller! this page will be deleted, when the new guy, or girl, has been found. and the true part 3 will begin.

But the third part in the mutant vally story is that the two groups join forces to stop the mogurians, but when they try to get to the machine, they are captured by a group of plant grunts, that takes them to their general Mogatron, that eksplains to them that the rot was created by them and that the machine is speeding up the rots growing, and that is make the rot obey them. But when Angus frees himself and destroys the control room to the machine, the rot is then free, and attacks the machine. freeing the two explorer groups and thanking them for freeing it and that its name is Zorbuck, But Zorbuck then tells them that he is dying, so he uses the last of his strenght to free the island from his thorns and he then captures the remaing Mogurians that was left and throws them away from the island. When Zorbuck dies, the explorers then makes a grave stone and places it at the top of the vally, in memory of Zorbuck.

It seems the record New Kea observations were a fluke. Some unruly Fier teenagers urinated on the observatory antennae, and the pee set it aflame. The Erakoterinsky Land fire department has only just put it out today, when an observatory scientist went up to the antennae for a routine checkup.

In other news, the Humanoid robbers who stole a shipment of Qworx Diamonds have struck again, this time in a rice field! They hit an old lady's cow until it fell over with some stolen china. This is the second recorded case of a knick knack paddy whack, after the first old joke from Saturday Night Live, which may be the robbers' inspiration. The local police are investigating with their entire K9 unit, but the dogs have been reluctant to track down the criminals - this is a fault in conditioning, and the police will have to give their dogs a bone.

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