Dem Oni Isk
"What a pest you are. Can't say I don't like you, though. So let's play a game. You surrender, and I take your soul! How about that?" ~Dem Oni Isk, talking to one of his victims

Dem Oni Isk (short of, Demanius Onikius Iskard) is a Seamonster who have become a souls eating entity. What caused his hunger for souls is unknown, but what is known is that the hunger had an effect on his body which caused it to slowly melt away, leaving only his eyes and tongue as the only organic remains from his old body. He has a daughter named Emily Iskard, who have tried to talk her father into quiting his soul eating addiction with no luck so far.


Oni Isk had arrived to Complanet after having heard rumors about creatures with strange powers, wanting to have a taste of their souls. At first he could only capture a few souls, but he finely got a better change to eat during the Halloween party, Where he devoured a huge amoung of Compliens souls, this caused him to grow into a giant, but he later lost all of the souls when Zeath, Rebirtha and Legges manage to burn through Dem Oni Isk's newly acuired skin. When Isk lost all the souls, he was nothing more than a small husk of a soul left (the size of a tennis ball) and was collecter by his dolls and taken back to his home galaxy. But he returned many years later (during the C/H vs M war).

Dem Oni dolls

Dem Oni Isk created small dolls and imprisoned some captured souls in them to give the dolls life. They are for the most part, harmless unless they are trying to gatter up souls for Isk.


  • Dem Oni Isk is based on Oogie Boogie from Nightmare before Christmas.
  • The Solupires and their evolutions are similar to Dem Oni Isk.
  • Dem Oni Isk's name is based on "Demonisk", which is Norwegian for "Demonic".

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