Demon goat

One of the demon goats.

are evil creatures that were born from "Evil"`s blood. They come in different sizes and appearances, but most of them have horns and bat wings, some have goat legs, and sometimes the head of a goat. They are following their master orders, and will do anything to fullfill them. They are "Evil"`s elite soldiers.

Goat demon

The Goat demons ( A.K.A devil goats), are one of the appearances the demons comes in. They have a very close personality with goats, and sometimes makes the same sounds as one. They also eats anything they can find: paper, boxes, metal, etc. They (like many of the other demons) wears armour from dead enemies or corpses. Their favorite weapon is a glaive.

Bat demon

The Bat demons (A.K.A devil bats), are another appearance the demons comes in. Like with the Goat demons, they have a very close personality with vampire bats. They drink the blood of their enemies, and like with the rest of the demons, wear armour from dead enemies or corpses. They carry around two long swords.


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