Discun live outside reality, feeding on time itself. Looking into its eye will drive anyone to insanity.


They look like red and yellow discs with a purple eye in the centre.



One of the rare photos of a Discun.

They only appear where ever there will be mass death in the immediate future so that they can feed on the essence of time without ever being discovered. It is said that if you see one, then you know that you and everyone around you will die. Anyone who has ever seen one in the flesh have died wbefore they could get to safety. The discun themselves teleport back outside reality with less then a second before the disaster to spare. Discun were the last Compliens to be created by Bumbummeron and are destined to watch over Bumbummeron's other creations. It is said that Bumbummeron can see what they see which is why Discun appear only where there will be death - so Bumbummeron may weep at the loss of life.


  • Discun have a diameter of 30 to 40 centimeters.
  • The only evidence of there existence are numerous photographs taken seconds before natural disasters. The photographers, of course, are all dead.
  • The only thing they fear are Psymants. The reason why is unknown.


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