Dollabot is a Complien that evolved from a Coinbot. It evolves into Cashrebot.


A Dollabot is a Dollar bill, two robotic claws, legs, and an antenna.


A Dollabot is an evolved Coinbot. It plays the same tricks a Coinbot plays, but has a slightly higher chance of success in doing so.


CoinbotCoinbotDollabotDollabotCashrebotCashrebot → {{{4}}} → {{{5}}}


  • It's name comes from "dollar" and "robot".
  • Some Dollabots (like the one in the picture) feature Tornadospeed's avatar character.
  • It was technically made by both Tornadospeed AND CompliensCreator00, because CompliensCreator00 came up with the Complien but Tornadospeed created the artwork.


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