Doom Kitty

Isn't he TERRIBLY! cute?

Doom Kitties are animals found on Moguria. They are surprisingly dangerous for their looks.


These creatures are so cute that they can fry your brain and cause your heart to literally melt. If someone looks upon a Doom Kitty, they will become entranced in the animal's adorable eyes and be unable to look away. Mogurians and anything below protosapient are immune to their wiles.

Doom Kitties have small wings, which they can fly with. A Doom Kitty can fly above a large mass of people and purr loudly, enticing them to look up and subsequently die. Due to their propensity for mass destruction, Doom Kitties are banned almost everywhere but Moguria and other Mogurian planets, but this has not prevented some being smuggled into other worlds as pets, guards, or terrorism weapons.


  • Doom Kitties have no use for the corpses of those they've murdered, nor any natural predators on their home planet of Moguria.

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