The Easter Hunt is a competition where you have to find the Scripes in each picture. Anybody can create an Easter Hunt picture at any time, but remember to also create a solution picture. To play, find the number of Scripes in the picture and where they are, then edit in a subsection under Players with your name, the number of Scripes, and their locations. Then, you can look at the solutions to see how you did!

Current hunt: 18th July 2016

2nd April 2011

Easter Egg hunt!

Today, the Compliens celebrate Easter on Moonbeam Mountain's remains.


  • CompliensCreator00's Scripes: 6: 1 on top of Fwoppy, one on the banner, One in the sky, one on the planet, one in the group of Faceballs, and 1 behind Eggloid

3rd April 2011


This time, the Compliens celebrate easter at Moory Wetlands. The number of eggs are a secret. Find them yourself!


  • CompliensCreator00's Scripes: 5: 1 on the banner, 1 behind the tree, 2 in the water, and 1 behind the mysterious new bird.

4th April 2011

Easter egg hunt

Now we're at one of Tempi Island's ancient ruins.


  • CattailsWelove's Scripes: 4, 1 behind totomple, 1 is a black egg on a hollow tree, one is on the leaves of the trees. And one behind Tiki-ti

21st November 2015

Those eggs are hiding like natives from smallpox

Vultramus has graciously donated his laboratory to the super late Easter cause. And by graciously donated, I mean he has no idea.


  • CompliensCreator00 - 11 Scripes - One disguised as a bomb, one in the water bucket, one coming out of the "bird spray" bird, one behind those three purple cones, one inside the Mega ApocaShroom's eye, one inside the container, one inside the "DTDELLD" thing, one in the nuclear waste barrels, one on the chair, one being chewed on by that dark creature, and one behind the escape hatch. 

18th July 2016

Easter eggs

Today, the hunt is on Sworld. Try to find the Scripes before a storm comes in!


  • DarkHenrik - 7 Scripes - Two hidden in the sunken ship, one in the middle ship window and another in the door of the ship, one hidden in the Carpow's tail, one hidden as the Angore's lure, one hidden near the sunken fish tail, one being carried by a Frox, one being on a Bassball.


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  • 2nd April 2011
  • 3rd April 2011
  • 4th April 2011
  • 21st November 2015
  • 18th July 2016

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