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 General Information
Scientific Name krauthrupenoyd yamabikus ekomus
Common Name Ekko
Pronunciation eh-koe
Class krauthrupenoyd
Family yamabikus
Counterparts N/A
Locations Mountains on West Collusia
List Number 7R.?
Generation 7
Rarity Rare
 Complien Information
Elements Sound
Gender Unisex
Status Endangered
Sapience Proto-full
Instinct Echo
Grows into Ekkyokai
Grows from N/A
Alternate forms of Growth N/A

Ekko is the Echoing Complien. It has the Sound element. It grows into Ekkyokai.


Ekkoes are small, purple animals. They have slightly oblong bodies, with two arms that are bent forwards in the middle, and two legs. They have heads with a nose that points outwards, and two ears that are slightly detached from their head.


Ekkoes are rare Compliens from Collusia that like in small groups in the mountains. Their large ears allow them to hear many sounds from the environments around them, which they subsequently attempt mimicking they noises they hear. Ekkoes have surprisingly ample vocal cords, which they can use to imitate nearly any sound they hear very well. Ekkoes are named as such for the "echo" they create when they hear and repeat certain words themselves. Ekkoes actually rarely know the definitions of the words or noises they hear, but seem to take great comfort in repeating them, and will occasionally share them with other Ekkoes.

Ekkoes are not frequently documented, and as such, they are classified as a rare species. However, despite their rarity, Ekkoes can be quite easily heard. Ekkoes may speak quite loudly, more-so than they may intend, and as such, they may accidentally bother other species. However, Ekkoes do not intend to be bothersome, they simply are doing what they enjoy the most.




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Some insights on Ekko's origins.


Ekko's name is a distorted version of the word "echo."


Ekko's design is derived from the Yamabiko of Japanese folklore.


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