Failonoid is a Humanoid who always fails. Failonoid has never caught a Complien before. He always screws it up somehow. His horn was painted by Mogurian teenagers to look like a brown dunce hat and his old, real dunce hat was superglued on by some Humonoids.


Failoniod is known in the Humanoid society as a big failure. During the Complien vs Humanoid war, he failed to please his king and superiors. Later, after the war, he got teased because he failed at normal tasks too. It eventually became so bad that he was bullied by the other Humanoids and got beaten up every time he failed, and he had lots of scars and bruises from trying to catch Compliens. He hoped that he could find some Complien friends instead, but even that failed, as he was attacked by wild animals and evil Compliens. And when the C/H vs M war began, he was beaten up by Mogurians too. But that all changed when he, in an attempt to flee from a group of Mogurian soldiers, found a book which was hidden in an old crumbling castle. From that day forward, Failoniod started to change. He became smarter and tricked many of his enemies, and even started to enact revenge on his own allies in the war. Day after day, his hatred for all Compliens, Humanoid and Mogurians only grew and grew, until one day, Failonoid swore that he would one day find the forbidden spell book, Poncrumina, and use the forbidden spells inside to get revenge on them all.

Compliens Defeated



General Knowledge

  • Type: None
  • Habitat: None
  • Ranking Name: Idiot
  • Ranking: #99

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