General Information
Full Name Fallangel
Pronunciation fall-angel
Species Compelion
Gender Male
 Personal Information
Current Location A mass grave somewhere
Date of Birth Unknown
Status Deceased
Relatives Unknown
Allies The Compliens, the Humanoids
Enemies The Mogurians
Fallangel was a Dark-type Compelion created by the Mogurians during the C/HvM War. He betrayed them and provided information to the Humanoids and Compliens before being killed.


He had devil wings, a black head and body, and red limbs with sharp gray claws.


Fallangel used to be a captured Humanoid trooper, until he was taken as a prisoner of war by the Mogurians and subjected to experiments with Compelions and complixonox. The Mogurians attempted to brainwash him, but his newfound powers allowed Fallangel to escape back to the Humanoid army and supply them with valuable information from Mogurian research. Fallangel then returned to the front lines, but was captured again and successfully brainwashed into a mindless monster. He then wreaked havoc upon the Complien/Humanoid armies before being slain.


  • His name comes from the words "Fallen" and "Angel".


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