The flangran plant, also known as cerritulis floinetous, is a somewhat uncommon flowering plant that blooms annually. It is found in dry, shady environments.


Bombs away
Flangrans have an extremely strong fruity smell that comes from their roots, which extend out of the ground. They have concentric rings of barbs around their stem to repel herbivores. The stem grows new barbs as it rises as the plant ages, which means the age of a flangran plant can be estimated by its number of barb circles. The plant flowers in the winter once it has hit its mature stage two or three years in, releasing many naval mine-like seeds floating on small "parachutes" of fiber. These seeds will fly from the plant, which is usually at least a meter tall when it blooms, to the ground, where the spikes of the seeds will catch onto furry animals' backs and spread. The flower releases its seeds in winter, since that is the time less Fire-types will be out around the flangran's radius of seed dispersal and possibly ignite the seeds instead of spreading them.

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