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is a complien made entirely out of steam. They float around in search of prey and are able to get through any gap.


Flapour looks simply like a cloud of steam with no definite shape. they have red glowing eyes which strike fear into any complien, humanoid, or mogurian.


Flapour is able to use a wide range of water and fire attacks. Doubled with its ghostly powers, it is a challenging foe. They are not evil as such, and will gladly defend any complien from there enemies. This doesn't stop them from preying on vunerable compliens though. Flapour can change it's shape at will to simple objects like a giant fist. It's fist form can smash through lorries without much bother.


  • Their name comes from flame and vapour, referring to its fire and water typing. The spectral typing was decided last minute after Flapour was drawn.


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