Artwork by HellPikachu
 General Information
Scientific Name monukranum sollaflora fleurus
Common Name Flushame
Pronunciation flu-SHAME
Class monukranum
Family sollaflora
Counterparts N/A
Locations Meadows
List Number 3C.13.1.1
Generation 3
Rarity Common
 Complien Information
Elements Nature, Fire
Gender Unisex
Status Least Concern
Sapience Proto-full
Instinct Heat Wave
Grows into N/A
Grows from Sosed, Efflur
Alternate forms of Growth Solafleur
Flushame is the Solar Panel Complien. It belongs to the Nature and Fire elements. It grows from Efflur and is the final form of Sosed. It can also burgeon into Solafleur.


Flushame has a round, black head with yellow eyes and a small mouth. They have fibers on top of their head, resembling yellow hairs, with a few tufts poking out between the sides. Flushames have arms and legs which protrude from the sides of their heads. The most notable part of a Flushame are the large petals located on their backs, which are yellow and orange in coloration. Depending on where they live, the patterns of these petals change. Note this makes no change to how Flushame interacts in battles. They are approximately a meter tall, including the petals, but are extremely light, rarely weighing more than 4 kilograms.


A Flushame's long and big petals serve as giant solar pannels to absorb solar energy and convert it to heat. It uses the heat to produce humidity from the terrain and nourish itself and to attack agressive predators by launching large heat waves accumulated in the petals. The energy accumulated in the petals is so big, that Flushame is able to even release fire waves. It feeds by performing photosynthesis. Flushames' large petals are occasionally chopped off by poachers due to their magnificent patterns, though some organizations dedicated to the protection of Compliens advise against these procedures.

Flushames, while animalistic in nature, actually have many similarities to plants when in action. Frequently, they release pollen from their large flowers which touches other Flushames, resulting in young Soseds being produced. Flushames have their "mating season" of sorts around spring, and typically Soseds grow into Efflurs and Flushames by summer. Flushames typically survive in autumn, when occasionally they may shed their petals and begin growing new ones. However, this makes the winter difficult for them since they rarely have the means to protect themselves.





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Some insights on Flushame's origins.


The origins of Flushame's name are unknown.


Flushame's design seems to take inspiration from flowers, with a few elements of solar panels as well.


  • Its flower pattern changes depending on the region it lives in.
  • Despite its colorful and large flower, Flushame is rather shy and will hide it if contemplated for too long.
  • It is one of Mr. Grille's favorite Compliens.