Foleace in awe

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Foleace, the Olive Flower Complien, is a Nature-type and is the final evolution of Liviol.


Foleace's flower is mostly closed during their lives. They will only open them when in great need of water, during which time they will gather it from rainstorms. A stamen can be seen peeking out from the petals and its favourite food is a Calbee because of the rich pollen it produces. As the previous evolutions, Foleace will emit a slippery oil when annoyed or in danger. In Foleace's case, it is produced under their petals and will expel them through their pollen spores.


  • They like to gather in spring, season of mating, in large groups; Then, they will exhale their pollen. It is a beautiful view as it will seem yellowish clouds have invaded the sky.
  • Foleace has gone through extreme art changes. It used to have four big petals, two stamens and a bigger head. Its arms also weren't covered.
  • It was featured Complien in April 2014.