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Art by CompliensCreator00
 General Information
Scientific Name egiggen yokolk yolkai
Common Name Friedmaton
Pronunciation FRIDE-muh-TON
Class Egiggen
Family Yokolk
Counterparts unknown
Locations unknown
List Number 1U.3.1.1
Generation 1
Rarity Uncommon
 Complien Information
Elements unknown
Gender Unisex
Status Least Concern
Sapience Proto-full
Instinct unknown
Grows into unknown
Grows from unknown
Alternate forms of Growth unknown
Friedmaton is a the Egg Complien. It is a Food and Spectral-type Complien. It is the evolved form of Eggmaton, similarly to Poachedmaton.


Friedmaton is a Complien with a head resembling an egg yolk containing two eyes and a mouth carved in. Its body and arms are made of the egg white, which droops down. There are also blobs of egg white floating around its head. The egg white functions as somewhat of an ectoplasm for Friedmaton's ghostly appearance. Friedmatons are incredibly warm, and let off small amounts of steam.


Friedmatons are an Eggmaton that finish incubation on the quicker side. The yolk and egg whites form a ghastly figure, allowing Friedmatons to gain the ability to float above other species. Friedmatons, while of higher sapience, still are not the smartest of ghost Compliens, and rarely do more than try to haunt other people. Unlike Poachedmaton, Friedmatons are not very protective of Yokkos, and instead go around haunting people. Rarely are they effective, however, due to their egg-like structure. However, Friedmatons can deal a fair amount of damage, since their egg whites are incredibly hot, allowing them to deal immense amounts of damage.


YokkoYokkoApparently the egg was firstEggmatonFriedmatonCLSNFriedmaton


  • The creator of this Complien considered changing its name to "Yolkai," but wished to give it the same naming convention as the other Eggmaton evolutions. However, Yolkai was made its scientific name.
  • It is found on both Complanet and Collusia.
  • Although it is the first evolution seen on the List of Compliens, they are generally actually rarer than Poachedmatons.
  • Friedmaton recieved a massive redesign in 2016, originally being a floating fried egg with an eye in the yolk, and later one that moves on land with the eye under the yolk.
    • An early version of its current design had the egg white more attached, while still having the ghostly theme.